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    When we received our first international order placements in 1995 the whole range of activities of the previously existing company was transferred to the newly established company Balkantex Ltd. The number of our customers in Western Europe, our production volume and our turnover has been rising steadily ever since.

    The beginnings were marked by Bulgaria’s transition from a state-directed to a free market economy, with previously state-owned production sites being gradually privatised and modernised. Balkantex Ltd. provided know-how and the capital needed. It also procured capital goods, including raw cotton, dyestuff and equipment, for its partner production sites and provided the funding needed for the purchase of such goods. Our in-house sample production studio as well as our state-of-the-art cutting technique department have been continuously upgraded and enlarged since 1996 in order to meet the ever more challenging standards set by our wide range of customers.

    Over the years Balkantex Ltd. has been steadily growing in all market segments, while particularly focusing on fashionable women’s outerwear. A Swiss textile and clothing company with a long-standing tradition was acquired in 2002. Thus Balkantex Ltd. was able to make use of the know-how of the company, which had been operating as a producer of classic men’s wear for more than 100 years. Production was launched in the segments of classic men’s wear, corporate clothing and uni-forms. As a result, there was a considerable increase in our export volume.

    Another five years elapsed that were a success, with average growth rates of 20 %. Our headquar-ters at that time thus became too small to ensure further enlargement of our technical and creative facilities. In August 2009 Balkantex Ltd., following a period of intense planning and enlargement, moved into its new headquarters – a venue with a state-of-the-art design.

    Turnover and staff development at Balkantex Ltd.:

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